Lantana HVAC Contractors

Lantana HVAC Contractors

The Lantana HVAC contractors at Cold Factor specialize in home automation technology. Imagine being able to control your home’s HVAC system from anywhere on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Cold Factor offers this plus more, making us one of the leading Lantana HVAC installation companies.

What is home automation?

It’s inevitable; you’re rushing out the door and forget to change the setting on your thermostat or forget to turn off appliances. Now, with the technology offered by Cold Factor, you don’t have to worry. The convenience, alone, that this service offers makes our HVAC contractors in Lantana TX mad scientists of the HVAC world.

It’s more than just HVAC systems

Having a fully-automated home is more than having control of your thermostat from anywhere with internet connection. While this feature helps give vacationing parents the peace of mind that their children at home aren’t racking up high energy costs, there’s more to it than that. As one of the premier home automation HVAC installation companies in Lantana TX, we give you the ability to:

  • Lock your doors through our remote door locks and access codes
  • Turn off lights and other appliances remotely
  • Ensure your children arrive home safely each afternoon through video-monitored entryways
  • Monitor your home while at work or vacation

In recent years, the technology behind home-automation has only advanced, driving the prices down to a reasonable level. What once was only available to the wealthy is now accessible to any homeowner through our Lantana HVAC contractors.
We can handle your installation project

Home automation isn’t only available on new home installations. As one of the leading home-automation Lantana HVAC installation companies, Cold Factor can automate your existing structure with ease.

To get started with your home’s automation, give the Lantana HVAC contractors at Cold Factor a call today. We specialize in superior customer service with the highest possible quality. Don’t hesitate; call for your free estimate.