Lewisville Central Air Maintenance

Lewisville Central Air Maintenance

As all Texas residents know, summer can bring some very high and uncomfortable temperatures. This makes Lewisville central air maintenance extremely important. A hot and stuffy house can easily ruin the summer for the whole family. At Cold Factor, we have a team of qualified technicians ready to help with all of your Lewisville air conditioner maintenance needs.

Whether you have questions about how your current unit impacts the air quality of your home or you are interested in upgrading to a system that is more environmentally friendly through energy efficient technology, Cold Factor can help. Our family-owned company specializes in providing AC maintenance in Lewisville TX as well as any other heating or cooling needs you might have.

Signs You Need Central Air Maintenance in Lewisville TX

In most cases, the signs that you need Lewisville air conditioner maintenance can be fairly obvious. If you are experiencing any of the following, it is time for Lewisville central air maintenance:

  • No cool air. This is probably the most obvious indicator that you need to call a professional for air conditioner maintenance in Lewisville TX. If your central air system is not cooling your home as well as it used to or the air coming from the vents is not cold at all, then there is definitely something wrong with the system. The compression might have failed or the freon levels could be too low.
  • Bad air flow. Another sign that you are in need of Lewisville AC maintenance is if the air coming from the vents is weak or minimal. This might also indicate a failing compressor or there could be problems with the ducts running through your home.
  • Thermostat issues. In some cases, it is not the cooling system that has the problem but the thermostat itself. A sign that the thermostat is the issue is if one part of the house is very cold while the rest of it is at the proper temperature.

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