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Installs, Repairs, and Sales for Commercial and Residential

We are happy to assist you if you need to upgrade your present HVAC systems, need immediate repairs, or want more information on how the air quality in your home is affected by AC systems. Huffman Heating & Air Conditioning is a long-time family-owned business that concentrates our efforts on helping with all HVAC needs through the hard work of dedicated, certified experts.


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Indoor Comfort Through HVAC Technology is Our Focus

Huffman Heating & Air Conditioning emphasizes current technology to provide comfort indoors for your business, residence, or other places that need to stay comfortable during hot and cold weather. In addition, we keep our certified professionals current with the latest training so they can help fulfill the requirements for every situation, with special attention on how AC can best solve our client’s needs in consideration of all aspects.

Here in San Angelo, TX, we can service the following AC needs and much more: 


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The years that Huffman Heating & Air Conditioning has provided HVAC services have shown us that improving air quality and comfort creates a better workplace. Allow our experts to address your air conditioning needs.


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