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Why it is Imperative to Maintain Your Furnace

A furnace will need to be maintained on a regular basis for it to work optimally and safe. Through the years, it will require repairs that can be well handled by Huffman AC, along with the regular maintenance schedule. We can speedily repair any items that need attention with the help of our certified professional staff of technicians here in San Angelo and nearby communities. To ensure a safe and properly working furnace, we perform inspections at regular intervals.

Maintenance of your furnace by professionals provides:

  • Effectiveness: : The heating of your residence will be more efficient with proper and routine maintenance. Malfunctioning units can cause higher energy bills.
  • Endurance: : Neglecting to properly and regularly maintain your furnace will cause the life of the unit to be significantly shortened. Professionally maintaining your system will help avoid an expensive unit replacement.
  • Safety: : To avoid safety concerns, you should keep up with scheduled inspections and not delay proper repairs. Hazards can include Carbon Monoxide poison, fire in the home, or even explosions.

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How Do I Know When My Furnace Needs Replacing?

The items below can help you determine when it may be time to have your furnace replaced:

  • When a furnace has reached the age of approximately 10-15 years, it is likely to have strong signs of decreased effectiveness, many worn parts, and need repairs more often.
  • If your furnace has been poorly maintained as it gets older, you will notice a drastic increase in the cost to heat your home as it has to work harder and harder.
  • A unit requiring repairs too often points to a furnace that is need of a full replacement.
  • Noticing your furnace flame is flickering or is yellow is an indication of production of a very toxic gas in Carbon Monoxide.
  • A furnace that is not heating the resident even when it runs non-stop.
  • Noises coming from your furnace such as banging, popping, rattling or squealing.

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Should you require assistance to your gas, oil or electric heating system, we can provide an in-depth analysis to find the cause of any potential problems, current or future. Our main concerns are keeping you safe and comfortable in your own home through the 39+ years of professional experience provided by our well qualified, insured and certified technicians.

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