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There is less energy required when using the clean and sustainable option in heat pumps. This works by transferring ambient heat from the water, ground, or air beneath your residence into your home. You can also reverse the process to send the heat inside to the outside. To maintain a properly running heat pump, you must adequately service and repair the unit. Huffman Heating & Air Conditioning can help you maintain and fix your San Angelo heat pumps.


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Efficient Maintenance of your Heat Pump Saves You Money

How does it benefit me to have professionals maintain and repair my heat pump?

What is the purpose of scheduling routine heat pump maintenance and repairs?

  • Discover probable issues that can cause more problems and create the need to replace an entire unit
  • Help your system last longer and perform at its peak
  • Lower associated bills with a well-maintained unit
  • Keep from voiding warranties on your heat pump that require inspections regularly
  • Avoid straining your system due to excessive component wear


Does My Heat Pump Need Replacing?

Replacement should be discussed with a certified San Angelo Technician if:

  • You require repairs often due to constant breakdowns. Replacing the entire unit may prove a more cost-effective option and less hassle.
  • Unusual noises from your heat pump can be caused by problems with filters, ductwork, vents, and even the motor. Let us help you decide if repairs are possible or if the unit needs to be replaced.
  • Energy costs and use have risen sharply with the addition of new appliances. A poorly working heat pump may be causing the loss of energy.
  • A system that is not evenly heating the entire home can be a system that is no longer performing properly.
  • Your heat pump is approximately 10+ years old and is wearing beyond repair.


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Please get in touch with us if you are ready to start repairs or schedule regular maintenance on your heat pump system. Huffman Heating & Air Conditioning heat pump experts can perform scheduled and emergency service/repair to all of San Angelo, TX, and nearby areas. Repairs can be done quickly to have you up and working again with a standard of excellence. If your system needs to be replaced due to age or otherwise, we can work with you to take care of it.

Let us help you with your Heat Pump requirements by calling (325) 947-3690